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Doheny Audio SODA Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal

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  • Inspired by the infamous Fuzz Face, our pedal delivers a rich, thick fuzz tone that's perfect for capturing those classic rock and blues vibes, reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix's electrifying riffs and solos. To further expand your sonic palette, we've added a unique switch that allows you to tailor the fuzz tone to your liking.
    Our Fuzz Face clone pedal is meticulously crafted with select silicon transistors and high-quality components, capturing the essence of the iconic fuzz face sound. We've carefully refined the pedal's design to deliver a more stable, feedback-resistant fuzz that retains its signature thick, rich tone.
    Guitar Center ApprovedOur Fuzz Face clone pedal has earned a spot on the shelves of Guitar Center, a testament to its exceptional quality and performance. Join the ranks of countless guitarists worldwide who have discovered the magic of our fuzz face clone.
    • Circuit based on the fuzz face for classic fuzz tones
    • Silicon transistor for enhanced stability and feedback resistance
    • True bypass footswitch maintains signal clarity when not in use
    • Cool LED lights indicate pedal status for easy visual reference
    • 9V DC power supply for convenient operation
    • Versatile enough for a variety of genres, from rock and blues to psychedelic and experimental
    • Hand-built in the USA for exceptional quality and craftsmanship
    Great for:
    • Beginners seeking a user-friendly and affordable distortion pedal
    • Guitarists looking for a simple and straightforward distortion pedal to add depth and grit to their sound
    • Guitarists who want a versatile distortion pedal that can be used for a wide range of genres, from classic rock to modern alternative
    Order Today and Unleash Your Inner Rock StarGrab your Doheny Audio SODA pedal today and transform your guitar tone with the legendary fuzz face sound. Experience the power and versatility of this exceptional pedal and get your fuzz on!
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