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Doheny Audio Power Amp Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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Brand: Doheny Audio

Forget hauling around a vintage Model T amp and its hefty price tag. The Doheny Audio Gold Clone delivers the iconic cranked tube tone in a compact, wallet-friendly pedal.

From the hallowed halls of the Doheny Audio Custom Shop comes the Gold Clone, a pedal not for the faint of heart. This isn't your mass-produced distortion box; it's a hand-wired, two-LM386-powered beast.

Unleash the Golden Gain:

  • Distortion: This pedal packs a punch that belies its dimensions, conjuring the raw, organic overdrive of a cranked vintage amp.
  • Openness Unshackled: Forget muffled distortion. The Gold Clone lets your chords breathe and sing, with every note ringing out with clarity and articulation.
  • Cut Like a Diamond: From searing leads to chunky rhythm, your riffs will pierce through the mix like a sonic laser, guaranteed to turn heads and shake eardrums.
  • Golden Gain that Craves More: Experience the pure, responsive power of a pushed tube amp, but without the backaches and earsplitting volume. This is distortion you can play all night without breaking a sweat.

More Than Just Tone, It's a Statement:

  • Boutique Sound, Budget Price: No need to break the bank for premium tone. Gold Clone brings the magic of high-end amps to any pedalboard.
  • Built to Rock: Rugged construction ensures your Gold Clone will withstand years of stomping and stage abuse.
  • Maintenance-Free Mayhem: Ditch the tube headaches. Gold Clone delivers consistent, reliable tone gig after gig, without the need for expensive upkeep.

The Gold Clone is your ticket to vintage amp nirvana, handcrafted in the USA. Plug in, crank it up, and let the golden tones flow.

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