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Doheny Audio Port Royal Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal

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Experience the raw, raunchy fuzz tones of the iconic Colorsound One Knob with a modern twist: the Doheny Audio One Knob Fuzz. This boutique pedal meticulously captures the essence of the vintage circuit, hand-built with premium components for unparalleled sonic fidelity and build quality.

Dial in Fuzz Perfection with One Simple Knob:

  • Intuitive Control: Forget complex knob configurations. One master knob reigns supreme, letting you effortlessly sculpt your fuzz from smooth and creamy to searingly aggressive.
  • Colorsound Heart, Doheny Soul: We faithfully recreate the core circuit, but elevate it with select upgrades. A BC109C transistor in Q1 and a 2SD77 in the second stage deliver enhanced clarity and punch, breathing new life into this classic sound.
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles: We source the finest components and meticulously hand-assemble each unit, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

Unleash a Sonic Arsenal:

  • From Smooth Sustain to Searing Grit: The Doheny One Knob Fuzz covers the entire fuzz spectrum. Dial in subtle grit for bluesy leads, creamy sustain for soaring solos, or unleash a wall of fuzz for face-melting riffs.
  • Stack, Boost, Tweak it: This pedal plays well with others. Stack it with your favorite overdrives for added bite, or use it as a booster for searing solos. The possibilities are endless.
  • True Bypass Transparency: When bypassed, your signal remains pristine, ensuring your core tone shines through.


  • Boutique Build in LA: Hand-built in Los Angeles with premium components
  • Hybrid Fuzz Engine: Blending the smooth clarity of a BC109C silicon transistor with the rich growl of a 2SD77 germanium, unlocking a wider spectrum of fuzz textures.
  • True Bypass Transparency: Preserves your precious tone, ensuring your guitar's essence shines through when the pedal's disengaged.
  • 9V DC Powered (Not Included): Ready to ignite your sonic journey wherever inspiration strikes.

Doheny Audio One Knob Fuzz: It's not just a pedal, it's an invitation to sonic exploration.

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