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Doheny Audio Green Gad Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

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Inspired by the pedal that helped shape the very sound of blues overdrive, we haven't just recreated – we've refined. This limited-edition beast is forged for blues mastery, a tool honed to sculpt warm, expressive tones that echo the legends and ignite your own fire.


  • Sculpt Your Tone: Dial in smooth overdrive with just the right bite, perfect for modern and classic blues.
  • Fatten Your Sound: Unleash low-end growl and richness with the dedicated bass boost toggle.
  • Clipping Chameleon: Switch between creamy smoothness and classic crunch for tonal versatility.
  • Crystal Clarity: True bypass preserves your guitar's natural tone when the pedal's off.
  • Built to Rock: Custom enclosure blends durability with a unique aesthetic.
  • Pedalboard Perfection: Compact footprint fits seamlessly on your board.

Why Choose Doheny Audio Custom?

  • More Than Mods: We didn't just tweak the classic – we refined it for blues mastery.
  • Unlock Tonal Secrets: Explore a wider sonic palette with clipping and bass boost options.
  • Stand Out From the Crowd: This limited-edition pedal lets you express your sound.


  • Width: 9cm
  • Length: 11cm
  • Depth: 3.5cm (rear), 3cm (front)
  • Power: 9V DC center-negative
  • Controls: Drive, Tone, Volume, 2-way clipping mode switch

Don't Miss Out! These limited-edition pedals won't last long.

GREEN GAD pedals are built to order and crafted for maximum tone satisfaction. Expect 2-3 weeks of anticipation before this sonic beast arrives at your doorstep, ready to roar.

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