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Doheny Audio Germanium Fuzz Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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Doheny Audio is proud to unleash a limited-edition fuzz pedal that takes the Epping Forest to new sonic heights. This exclusive build swaps the silicon for germanium transistors (2SD77), injecting your tone with vintage warmth, grit, and soul.


  • Vintage Warmth & Grit: Germanium transistors (2SD77) inject classic soul into your tone.
  • Sculpt Your Fuzz: Level, Fuzz, and unique "Voice" (bias) knobs for precise sonic control.
  • Vintage or Modern: Toggle switch unlocks creamy vintage or focused modern fuzz flavors.
  • Handcrafted in USA: Built with meticulous attention to detail in Los Angeles.
  • True Bypass: Preserves your signal purity when bypassed.
  • Power Up: Standard 9V DC power supply (not included).

Ideal for:

  • Vintage fuzz seekers with a modern twist.
  • Epping Forest fans craving germanium growl.
  • Guitarists who appreciate boutique quality and hand-built craftsmanship.

Don't Miss Out! This one-of-a-kind germanium fuzz is a limited-edition treasure.

This one-of-a-kind germanium fuzz awaits your command!

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