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Doheny Audio DA080 Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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Experience the rich, vintage tube sound you've always craved with the DA-080 Tube Vybz, a pedal that combines the iconic tones of the TS808 and DS-1 into a single, easy-to-use device.

With just one knob and a single switch, the DA-080 Tube Vybz delivers three distinct distortion modes, each tailored to fit the unique character of your guitar:

  • Symmetrical Mode: Emulate the warm, tube-driven overdrive of the DA080, great for adding sustain and grit to your leads and rhythm playing.
  • Asymmetrical Mode: Capture the aggressive, cutting distortion of the DA080, ideal for high-gain riffs and solos that pack a punch.
  • Natural Clipping Mode: Experience the purest form of distortion, where your guitar's natural dynamics shine through, creating a smooth, dynamic overdrive.
    • Warm, tube-driven overdrive, great for adding sustain and grit to your leads and rhythm playing
    • True bypass circuitry that ensures pristine signal integrity when the pedal is disengaged
    • Classic TS808-inspired circuitry, delivering a rich, vintage tube sound
    • 9V DC power supply included for consistent performance
    • Versatile enough to enhance a variety of genres, from blues and rock to country and jazz
    • Hand-built in the USA, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail

    Great for:
      • Adding warmth and grit to your leads
      • Pushing your amp into overdrive
      • Creating a smooth, dynamic overdrive
      • Enhancing your guitar's natural dynamics

      Unleash Your Sonic Palette

      Whether you're seeking the warmth of a vintage tube amp or the grit of a classic distortion pedal, the DA-080 Tube Vybz is a great companion for your musical journey. Its versatile range of tones and intuitive controls make it an essential addition to any guitarist's arsenal.

      Don't miss out on this limited-edition pedal! Order your DA-080 Tube Vybz today and elevate your sound to new heights.

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