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Doheny Audio DA-1 Distortion Effect Pedal

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Crave distortion that rips, roars, and reinvents your tone? The Doheny Audio DA-1 is a snarling beast, built to pulverize your tone and ignite sonic mayhem.


Tone Kaleidoscope: Flip the switch and morph from golden-age overdrive to modern sonic maelstrom. Savor the velvety growl of asymmetrical diodes one moment, then unleash the jaw-dropping savagery of symmetrical clipping the next. And for true vintage vibes, engage the natural op-amp clipping in the middle position – it's like unlocking the hidden DS-1 DNA within the DA-1. Crank your amp and unleash the perfect distortion flavor for any riff.

Op-Amp Fury Unleashed: The DA-1's hand-built Op-Amp circuit punches you in the gut with raw, electrifying distortion. This is a sonic sledgehammer for players who crave unfiltered power. Let your riffs scream with primal fury.

Tame the Tele, Unleash the Strat: Whether you're a bluesy Tele whisperer or a Strat-slinging shredder, the DA-1 adapts to your axe, not the other way around. Sculpt your P90s into growling beasts or make your single coils scream like banshees. This pedal bends to your will.

Channel Your Inner Rock Legend: Nail those iconic Cobain tones with ease, then twist them into a modern whirlwind of distortion. Heavy enough for grunge, and versatile enough for anything, the DA-1 lets you write your own sonic story. Be the legend you were born to be.

Handcrafted in the USA with Soul: The DA-1 is built by hand with premium components, destined to become an heirloom you'll pass down. True bypass keeps your signal pristine, cool LEDs show who's in control, and a 9V DC power supply fuels the fire.

This isn't just a distortion pedal! Stop tinkering, start shredding. Get your Doheny Audio DA-1 today and unleash the chaos within.

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