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DA-RM Germanium Treble Booster Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

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Channel the searing bite of classic rock gods with the Doheny Audio "DA-RM," a limited-edition treble booster pedal inspired by the legendary Dallas Rangemaster and infused with sonic steroids. Forget wimpy treble boosts; this beast is crafted for players who crave the thick, saturated snarl that catapulted legends like Brian May and Eric Clapton to sonic stardom.

Crank the dial and unleash:

  • Germanium 2SD77 transistor: This vintage gem adds a smooth, singing sustain to your solos, pushing them through the mix with a creamy snarl. No harsh fizz here, just a pure, searing tone.
  • Fat-boost input cap: Forget wimpy sub-frequencies. This secret sauce injects your bottom end with a gut-punching fullness, transforming your solos into monstrous walls of sound.
  • Toggle switch: Go classic Rangemaster with a pure treble boost, or engage the "Fat" mode for a mind-blowing wall of thick, saturated sustain. It's like two legendary pedals in one!
  • True bypass: Preserve your precious tone when the pedal's off, ensuring your guitar's natural voice shines through when you want it to.
  • Hand-built in the USA: Every Doheny Audio "DA-RM" is crafted by hand in the USA, guaranteeing the highest quality and an instrument you can cherish for a lifetime.

Who needs this sonic beast?

  • Lead guitarists: Carve your solos through the densest mixes with a searing tone that demands attention.
  • Rhythm players: Add a layer of teeth to your riffs and lead breaks, injecting your rhythm section with a jolt of pure rock 'n' roll energy.
  • Bluesbreakers: Dial in that sweet, singing sustain that made legends like Clapton weep, adding depth and soul to your every bend.
  • Vintage enthusiasts: Experience the classic Rangemaster sound with a modern twist, all hand-built with the same passion and care as the originals.

But beware, guitar slingers! The Doheny Audio "DA-RM" is a limited-edition offering, crafted in small batches for discerning tone connoisseurs. Once these beasts are gone, they're gone for good. So don't wait – grab yours today and unleash the sonic fury within!

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