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Black Giz Distortion/Sustainer Guitar Effect Pedal - 2SD77 Germanium

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Gear up for sonic sorcery with Doheny Audio's Black Giz, the pedal that bends reality and sculpts your tone like a molten dream. Inspired by the legendary Triangle Muff, the Black Giz isn't just a tribute, it's a transcendent evolution. Imagine, not just capturing that coveted vintage growl, but infusing it with modern magic, breathing new life into a timeless beast.

Dive into a sonic vortex of:

  • Creamy, rich sustain that sings like a violin, courtesy of a single hand-picked Germanium 2SD77 transistor. Forget harsh, brittle distortion. This is pure audio velvet, caressing your notes with warmth and depth.
  • Sculpt your sonic canvas with surgical precision. The bias knob fine-tunes the voltage, unlocking a spectrum of fuzzy textures. Volume reigns in the gain, while the Wet/Dry knob masterfully blends your dry signal for nuanced control.
  • Unleash two legendary flavors in one stomp. A cunning toggle switch lets you morph between the classic Triangle Muff's smooth purr and the Ram's Head's gloriously fat overdrive, offering a palette of distortion that satisfies every craving.
  • True bypass preserves your precious tone when the Black Giz is slumbering, ensuring seamless integration into your rig.
  • Powered by a standard DC 9V adapter, the Black Giz is as hungry for sonic adventure as you are.

But wait, there's more! We've banished the unnecessary. Unlike its forebear, the Black Giz sheds the fat, ditching extraneous buffers and tone controls that muddied the magic. We've meticulously recalculated every value, squeezing the purest essence of distortion into a streamlined beast that roars with vintage soul and modern muscle.

Who's this sonic sorcerer for?

  • Fuzz aficionados: Rediscover the Triangle Muff's magic, amplified and refined.
  • Overdrive devotees: Unleash the Ram's Head's fat growl, tamed and ready to sculpt your riffs.
  • Tone adventurers: Explore uncharted sonic landscapes with the Black Giz as your compass.
  • Doheny Audio fans: Rejoice! Your sonic prayers have been answered.

The Black Giz isn't just a pedal, it's a portal to sonic liberation. Pre-order yours today and let the magic flow.

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