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Former Scare Dem Crew Member, Boom Dandimite, Passes Away in the US

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Boom Dandimite, once a prominent member of the renowned Scare Dem Crew, tragically lost his life on Sunday morning. After a severe car accident in April, he experienced a relapse that eventually led to his untimely demise in a Florida hospital.

Boom Dandimite’s cousin, Christine Grant, revealed the devastating news, stating that he had fainted upon arriving in the US due to unforeseen medical complications. Despite the efforts of medical professionals, he passed away early that morning. Grant also disclosed that Jamaican doctors had given him the green light to travel, but their American counterparts discovered blood clots, pneumonia, and other complications, rendering his condition critical.

This talented artiste would have turned 51 in July, but instead, his loved ones now face the difficult task of coming to terms with his sudden absence. His mother, Cherry Sinclair, expressed deep sorrow over the loss and postponed her own birthday celebrations, devastated by the news of her son’s passing.

Boom Dandimite is survived by two boys and three girls, leaving behind a void in their lives that can never be filled. His life took a tragic turn on April 27 when he was involved in a car crash on Half-Way Tree Road in St. Andrew, near a popular bakery. Alongside him, fellow dancehall deejay Wilful Skilful also suffered injuries in the accident. While Wilful Skilful was eventually discharged, Boom Dandimite remained hospitalized.

Despite initial signs of recovery and subsequent release from the Kingston Public Hospital, Boom Dandimite’s health began to deteriorate rapidly. Concerned about his inability to eat, his family made arrangements for him to seek specialized medical treatment in the United States. Unfortunately, fate had a different plan.

The news of Boom Dandimite’s passing sent shockwaves through the entertainment fraternity, leaving many in disbelief and profound sadness. Harry Toddler, another former member of the Scare Dem Crew, was too overwhelmed to comment on the sudden turn of events.

Boom Dandimite, also known as Herman Donovan Stewart, formed an influential part of the Scare Dem Crew alongside Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler, and Elephant Man back in the 1990s. Their close association with Bounty Killer provided them with numerous opportunities to showcase their talent on tours, exposing them to wider audiences.

Through their remarkable music, including chart-toppers like ‘Pure Gal’ and ‘Many Many,’ the Scare Dem Crew carved their names in the industry. Boom Dandimite was even scheduled to perform at Reggae Sumfest on July 21 as part of the Boombox 90s Badness, a lineup featuring General B, Harry Toddler, Jigsy King, Mega Banton, Nitty Kutchie, Silver Cat, and Tony Curtis.

Today, we remember Boom Dandimite’s remarkable journey, his contributions to dancehall, and the indelible mark he left on the hearts of his fans. Though his time with us was cut short, his legacy lives on, reminding us of the fleeting nature of life’s melodies.

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