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Djimon Hounsou Struggles for Recognition and Fair Pay in Hollywood

Djimon Hounsou, the accomplished Beninese-American actor, expresses his ongoing struggle to make a living in Hollywood. Despite his impressive career spanning more than three decades and notable roles in acclaimed films like “Amistad” and “Gladiator,” Hounsou feels cheated financially and in terms of the opportunities he receives.

Hounsou recounts instances where he was overlooked and underestimated in the industry. He reveals that some studios viewed him as an inexperienced actor, even after his noteworthy performances, saying, “We felt like you just got off the boat and then went back.” Such limited perceptions have hindered his progress, but he remains determined to prove himself.

While Hounsou has appeared in blockbuster films like Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the “Fast and Furious” franchise, he still struggles to be fairly compensated. Studios often approach him with low offers, appealing to his passion rather than providing adequate pay. Despite his accomplishments, he admits, “I have yet to meet the film that paid me fairly.”

Although progress has been made in Hollywood regarding pay equity and representation, Hounsou recognizes that there is still a long way to go. He highlights his expanded role in the “Shazam” franchise as a positive example of increased respect and appreciation. The DC universe has acknowledged his talents and advocated for him to receive more significant opportunities.

Hounsou concludes by acknowledging the ongoing struggle he faces but remains determined to overcome it. While Hollywood still presents challenges, he finds solace in the incremental improvements and the recognition he receives from certain projects.

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