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Queen Ifrica Opens Up About Trauma and Controversies

Reggae artist Queen Ifrica recently took to social media to address accusations and shed light on her personal struggles. In a live stream, she discussed her separation from Tony Rebel, her ex-common-law husband of twenty-three years. Ifrica cited Tony’s unwillingness to unite their family as the reason for their split. She also bravely revealed that she had been a victim of domestic violence during their relationship, emphasizing the pervasive issue of abuse against Jamaican women.

During the stream, Queen Ifrica criticized various individuals she considered “sell-outs” in Jamaica. She called out Chief Richard Curry of Maroon Town for allegedly disregarding the challenges facing the country. Furthermore, she expressed her dissatisfaction with certain artists, referring to Protoje as “Protojoke,” and mentioning Chronixx and Lila as well. She also addressed Minister Marion Hall, expressing disappointment at her remarks about Ifrica’s sexual orientation.

In a poignant revelation, Queen Ifrica shared that she had experienced sexual assault at the age of eight by a woman named Marita Stephens. She recounted the incident when Marita lured her to a farming area and subjected her to sexual acts.

By speaking out about her traumatic experiences and addressing the controversies surrounding her, Queen Ifrica aims to shed light on important issues and foster understanding.

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