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Johnny Osbourne – Get Up [Official Video]

Johnny Osbourne – Get Up

Directed, Filmed & Cut by Valentin Campagnie Post Production by Candice Rey Lead : Johnny Osbourne Produced and Arranged by : Guillaume “Stepper” Briard & Maël “Loeiz XVI” Danion

Drums : Simon “Saymon” Roger

Guitar : Xavier “Kubix” Begue

Bass : Thomas “Mato” Cirade

Keyboards : Muctaru Wurie & Maël “Loeiz XVI” Daion

Saxophone : Guillaume “Stepper” Briard

Trombone/Trumpet : Didier Bolay Backing

vocals : Guillaume “Stepper” Briard & Maël “Loeiz XVI” Danion

Percussions : Guillaume “Stepper” Briard

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